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Cod Project

Units are now being built all over the world

From Singapore to Ireland, a variety of species will now be farmed using our new technology.





Updated September  2017.


Filming now complete ! Final series editing underway.


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We have now completed a further three videos, Loch Ness, Lake Livingston Texas and the Ebro Southern Spain. Next trip is to Lake Nasser Egypt on the 14th October before returning to the USA in November via Kentucky and Virginia. We'll keep you all informed of progress and in view of the number of requests for a complete boxed video set we are happy to announce that we should have a presentation set ready for Christmas this year. As with all our videos the numbers are restricted so please book early.








Filmed in a documentary style format, encompassing not just the fishing itself but many other aspects of North Carolina and Virginia, the video will eventually be made available via our websites during March 2009. Book your copy early as the video will only be available in limited numbers and for the first time we will finally reveal some of the techniques used including our groundbreaking research into the Protex Neural Triggers. It will be a fascinating film that should appeal not just to anglers but everyone who is planning a trip to America whether to fish this amazing location or just enjoy the incredible  un-spoilt landscape that is almost undiscovered by Europeans. From Gatwick to Durham NC and back again, don't miss it !

A publication in more technical terms will also be available soon  for serious anglers but again it will only be available in small numbers on a first come first served basis. A full diary written in a more light-hearted style will be posted on our website early in 2009.


Warning ! The video contains strong language. 


Watch this space for further news and updates !


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