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Updated September  2017.



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Many companies that would like to develop new marine related products or expand into new areas of operation are restricted from doing so because they either do not have the in-house expertise or lack the facilities and budgets required to carry out the necessary research and subsequent product development.


A prime example of this is our own groundbreaking research into neural triggers. We have no interest at this time to produce these triggers commercially and in fact they were developed purely as part of another program, it would just not be viable for a bait manufacturer to spend over one and a half million pounds as we have done investigating what at the time was nothing more than a vague idea that neural triggers even existed.


Most companies would also benefit from detailed research into fish behaviour and habitat requirements prior to developing their own products but at best only have limited knowledge themselves rather than the highly specialised data that can only come from a company such as ours that has a comparatively vast amount of expertise to call on within such specialised fields worldwide. In order to survive in the current economic climate every company has to have it's own expertise and be skilled at, for instance, marketing, production, product placement etc, none of which we can provide but we are certainly the best when it comes to understanding fish behaviour, habitat requirements and detailed research into a variety of species.


 By combining your own expertise with ours your business will gain a significant advantage over other companies in the fresh/salt water fishing industry. An advantage that could prove vital to both the success of your product and the long term profitability of your company.


All of our client based research is of course securely protected and subject to a strict confidentiality clause so our clients can rest secure in the knowledge that all related research will never be made available to any other organisation, company or individual.

We are able to carry out a wide variety of related research worldwide, either field or laboratory based and if the subject is beyond our own in-house expertise we can place the project elsewhere with one of our many contacts that are spread across the industry from universities to private laboratories. We can then analyse the results and provide a complete and comprehensive report on almost any marine related subject.


We also have our own in-house geologists, project analysts and even highly skilled flavourings and content consultants as well as one of the top fish behaviour and habitat specialists available.

Add the above to the data that has been gathered for over 30 years, vast amounts of fishing experience, angling teams etc plus our association with I.S.H.A ( The International Specimen Hunters Association which we fund) and secure access to countless other marine related experts, plus of course our own research facilities and observation tanks. lakes etc and the end result is a very specialised company that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.


The only drawback is that as with all our services there is a waiting list that can at times be quite daunting to the client. However, we are always on schedule and within quoted budgets which, should we run over, are covered by us and not the client. We do not negotiate contract prices, what we ask is what you pay should you decide to use our services and if we make a mistake by under quoting  a project it is our loss not the clients.

Our pricing for research projects reflects our unique expertise and is not negotiable, we do however have a fair pricing policy and will be happy to supply a full breakdown of any costs related to a given project so the client knows exactly where they stand.


No excuses, no hidden costs and no delays. Our services are worth waiting for.


For an initial discussion contact our research unit via the 'contact us' page or call the unit direct on 01409-211641. Our phone lines are very busy however and emails will always take priority as we prefer a written record of all contacts. Emails should be written in ENGLISH ONLY and sent to and marked for the attention of the 'Head of Research' in the subject line. We receive around a thousand emails a day so there could be a delay of a few hours before we respond but we operate 24/7, 365 days a year and will do our best to reply as soon as possible.




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