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               Updated September  2017.


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Just about every serious commercial project needs an outside evaluation of its viability which is why the best consultants in all fields are always in demand.

The investment in an honest and unbiased report is especially important when it comes to habitat related subjects as early mistakes can have a devastating effect as the years pass with correctional expenditure far out-weighing the initial consultancy fees. The same principle applies to many marine based projects particularly when the introduction of a new species is being considered or existing ones are failing to thrive. Rectifying a problem with a building or manufacturing process is relatively quick and easy, correcting a habitat or entire environment takes many more years so it is essential to get it right first time.


Diobas has almost unequalled experience in both large and small projects and we can accurately assess the viability of any related proposal both from a fiscal point of view and the long term health of the fish and the environment they live in. To not make use of this expertise could be very costly in the long term.


Understanding the behavioural properties of any species can be very complex and subject to a host of different variables which is why there are very few companies that specialise in this field of research. In fact we know of no other consultancy that begins all their projects or analytical assessments by first becoming completely familiar with the behaviour of the project specific species before embarking on a general habitat correction or creation program. In other words we are never influenced by established views of venue requirements because we do not believe in the principle that any given species behave the same whatever their location. It is true that all fish have their preferences and to some extent their evolutionary 'niche'  but their behaviour can be influenced by so many location related factors that the usual generalisations that other marine based companies apply can be entirely wrong. Read any book on, for instance, Carp and you will find that the described behavioural characteristics are almost always the same whoever the author happens to be and yet this is never actually the case.


These established assumptions can be very misleading and at times even dangerous to the long term health of the fish as each location must be treated as unique. Understanding fish behaviour and why it is likely to be entirely different at a given location is what makes our approach so unique. Behavioural research into a wide variety of species, both fresh and salt water, cold and tropical, is now and has always been our primary function. Too many projects are run from the point of view of the so called 'experts' rather than what the fish actually need themselves and as we can't talk to fish the only other way to gain an insight is to discard accepted opinions and begin from scratch using both many years of experience and modern technology. Much of what is assumed to be fact is often very far from the truth and even when the established views are reasonably accurate there is often a distinct misinterpretation of why a particularly common behavioural characteristic is actually occurring. The right aspects wrongly assessed is surprisingly common throughout fishing related publications and the advice given by experts, too many of which end up walking down an ever narrowing corridor until eventually they can only see one point of knowledge in front of them, one which has been conjured up by well meaning but often unqualified opinions.


One of the main reasons for so much misinformation is that very little technology has been applied in the past as it just wasn't available. To compound the issue even further is the fact that even when some of the latest advances are used the results are assessed through minds that are completely biased by established views. The end result is that very little progress is actually made . This is not the case with Diobas however as we began our research with both the aid of the very best technology which is ruthlessly upgraded and a blank sheet of paper, one of the reasons why we cause so much controversy amongst the angling community . . . we operate in the future rather than the past.


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