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Updated September 2017.

Our new members area to be launched shortly will be very different from the ones you may be used to and certainly more controversial.

Instead of the usual 'chat room' type format full of people doing their best to impress their friends and any one else that can get drawn into what is, for the most part, pretty pointless conversation, we aim to encourage the more important discussions on the policies of the Environment Agency, tackle that's rubbish, baits that are not what they claim to be, what needs to be done by commercial fishery owners to make sure that anglers get their monies worth and above all else how we can all protect our sport and the fish themselves.

This new members area is not for those who just want to say how big their latest catch was . . . . . a 40lb Carp from France ? So what, there are lakes so full of them that even a chimp could catch one . . . . . What we want to encourage is an honest and unemotional discussion on the subjects that really matter, whatever your views, whatever the species and wherever you are in the world.
It's high time that all the above took some responsibility for the direction of our sport rather than just run to the bank with the profits. Any subject raised that gains sufficient interest will be featured under special articles on the site and we will do everything we can to get the subject aired properly and placed on the desks of those that are responsible. Our websites across our company group get well in excess of 500,000 visitors per month and we have a host of number 1 listings throughout Google on a variety of fishing related subjects so we can make sure your voice is heard. We get countless emails from disgruntled fishermen, many of whom have a very good point to make, so instead of just writing to us you will all have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. There is no excuse to stay silent.
We will make a variety of impartial expertise available to kill off some of the myths and misinformation that abounds in the sport, from marine biologists to chemists, fish behaviour specialists and I.S.H.A members as well as our own angling crew who have wide international experience in a whole variety of species from Carp to Tiger fish, plus of course over 30 years of data gathered from all over the world.

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership from anywhere in the world as long as they are over 18 yrs old and of course it will be entirely free. No advertising, no pop-ups and no contact from us unless you ask a specific question. All personal information STAYS with us, if you have any doubts please read our Privacy Policy via the Sitemap. We may at a later stage include a juniors forum, our children are after all the future of fishing, but regretfully we will have to exclude them for now as the forum could get a little, how shall we put it, 'heated'.

Rules will be set pretty much by the members themselves but we will suspend anyone who uses the forum just to arrange a fishing trip with friends, has links to a product or fishery and of course foul language will be actively discouraged ( don't worry, we aren't paranoid about the kind of language that we all hear everyday but there has to be a limit ). Don't waste this opportunity to get your opinions across, whatever they are. It makes no difference if you are an expert or a novice, all your concerns or questions are welcome.
You can pre-register via our 'Contact' page and as soon as we are ready to launch the forum we will contact you. Moderators will also be needed so volunteers are very welcome.

Lets get together, all of us, and make a difference whatever the species because if we don't the fish themselves, the environment we all value and the very sport we all enjoy will eventually die . . . That is not a statement based on scaremongering,
it's fact !
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