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Units are now being built all over the world

From Singapore to Ireland, a variety of species will now be farmed using our new technology.





Update September  2017.


                FEAR ONLY REGRETS


Whilst we are primarily a research based company we do offer a specialised marine consultancy service for both Freshwater and Saltwater environments with a worldwide operational capability. There is no excuse for any project to fail through lack of expertise or greed as there is almost always a viable solution and if there isn't then the project should never go ahead. One day many politicians and business owners will wish they had done things differently, especially as the damage they do will eventually hit their own profits as well as cause irreversible damage to the worlds marine environment. We all make mistakes but by using the very best experience and expertise available the errors can be greatly reduced. We do not fear taking on any marine based project however difficult and whatever the size anywhere in the world, nor do we turn away from any field of research simply because it may be controversial. We have no interest in following the pack or being popular within the industry, our only concern is to ensure that any research or project we become involved with is driven by solid data and ethics. There is no excuse to regret not taking the proper advice. We all have a responsibility to the generations to come.


We have access to the best expertise available from Marine Biologists to Fish Behaviour consultants, Geologists and Chemists.


If we do not have the specific expertise required for a project we know exactly where to get it having established contacts at the top of their field throughout the World.

Sensible, unemotional solutions based on long term projections that are economically viable are always better for the fish we so passionately care about than disorganised protest, however well intended. We have what we believe is a unique approach to many of the problems facing fish of all species from the rapid outbreak of SVC/KVC in the European Carp fisheries, which we predicted many years ago but were ignored by both the UK Environment Agency and many fishery owners, to the depletion of our ocean stocks, especially Cod. The stupidity of general fisheries policies and the greed that drives many freshwater venues is something that perhaps will never change but there is still much we can all do.


We are proud of the fact that we have no product loyalties of any sort, we have no allegiance to any governments or corporate bodies and always ensure that any project we take on is both ethical and of benefit to the habitat that the various species need in order to thrive. 

It has always been possible to combine profit with a sensible approach to protecting the fish we all rely on but sadly most companies say a great deal but actually do very little, driven by profit but with neither the expertise or conscience to significantly reduce or eradicate the damage they cause. Of course every business needs profits to survive, as we do, but there is no excuse to cause unnecessary damage through lack of expertise or forward planning, whether it be a small lake excavation or a major multi-million dollar reservoir.

We use the latest technology and over 30 years experience to logically analyse any fish related problem we are faced with, honestly and without emotion. We also turn down far more clients than we take on as we prefer to spend our time on research, as a result we have a substantial waiting list for consultancy services but will always take the time to listen to any proposal or request.

Our Freshwater Cod program, the research into neural triggers such as Protex 3a as well as our TV and Video production for instance costs millions of dollars and we have to find the money to cope with such large budgets purely from company profits as we have no other funding from grants, manufacturers, governments or financial institutions so whilst we value our independence we also have to face the financial realities that any business has to deal with especially as we never know whether a particular line of research will ever lead to a viable profit. The years of work have paid off however as we have made significant breakthroughs that are quite breathtaking both in terms of future income and the planets fast dwindling resources.


Personally I am very proud to be a part of Diobas, I sincerely believe in our ethics, our profitability and above all our ability to combine logical common sense with the fiscal realities of caring for our marine environment.


Don't regret not talking to us.






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