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Updated September 2017.






Whilst each license is individually tailored the basic outline below will remain the same. In order to prevent the price being too high for smaller operators to afford and to prevent large corporations dominating the market place ( they have done enough damage to our environment already ) we are keeping the initial payment as low as we can but will take 5% of all fish harvests for the life of the license which will usually be 15 years.

The initial fees will be invested in further research into other species suitability to give our partners more options as well as research into renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind power with the eventual aim of our systems being entirely self sufficient.

Our profits only come from the system when the operator earns money himself via the harvest. It is therefore in our interest to ensure that every project is a success. If our partner earns money then so do we.

This is the fairest way we feel for all concerned and reduces the capital investment by the licensee.


Basic License details as follows :


a) The license will entitle the holder to build as many units as they wish in their designated State, County, Region or Country purchased. This is a Sole User License and no others will be issued within the area purchased.


b) We provide all the expertise, blueprints, 24/7 advice and consultancy and essential system specific technology such as our Particle Fractionators, induction pumps, CIREN(R) technology etc which will be purchased at or near cost. The rest of the system, tanks, building etc are supplied by the licensee and sourced locally by themselves. This is much cheaper than buying them from us and keeps the project investment to a minimum.


c) 50% of the license fee will be paid up front. We will then begin a 3 month consultation process during which time we will visit the proposed site and have detailed discussions to establish whether the proposed licensee and ourselves feel we can work together. If all parties agree to proceed the remaining 50% will be paid and on receipt we will issue a preliminary licence for 12 months. If either party is not happy to go forward the initial deposit will be returned less any expenses, travel etc which will be deducted at cost and no profit will be taken.


d) If after a period of 1 year the licensees project is underway and the system built we will go ahead and issue the full 15 year license. If not we have the option to withdraw. Depending on the circumstances and the reason for a lack of construction we may refund the license fee either in full or in part at our discretion on the condition that the lack of progress was not intentional due to lack of funds, change of circumstances etc.


e) The license purchased is not transferable. If the licensees business is sold for whatever reason the license becomes void. We will probably reissue to the new owner but it will be our choice subject to suitability.


f) If due to circumstance, retirement etc the licensee wants to sell their project in order to leave the industry we will re-sell the license to another party and refund part to the original purchaser.


g) The licensee will be subject to random inspection by ourselves to verify the health, welfare and stocking levels as agreed in the license. If any of these have been deliberately breached or abused we will withdraw the license and re-sell the territory without compensation to the licensee. There is no need either for reasons of profit or greed to abuse the system, there is plenty enough profit for all concerned.


h) Feed is vegetable based, not fishmeal , and is system and species specific. This will either be supplied by ourselves or in certain circumstances we will provide the formula for use within the licensees system only. It is obviously in our own interests to keep the feed price down in order to maximise harvest profits and talks are on going with potential manufacturers to this effect.


The rest of the details relating to each individual license will be discussed with the applicant during the initial 3 month consultation period but the basics as above are not negotiable.


We feel the details above are both fair and reasonable for all concerned and gives everyone a chance to take advantage of this new technology. If you wish to discuss further please contact us as per the various links on our contact page.



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