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 Three new tank designs 



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The Oroborus Module is now ready !




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Cod Project

Units are now being built all over the world

From Singapore to Ireland, a variety of species will now be farmed using our new technology.





Updated September 2017.


Pictures below are of the new tanks in both Singapore and Malaysia. These form part of Norman Lim's projects and include a Giant Grouper rearing tank, Arowana tank and a new Breeding, Hatchery and rearing complex in Malaysia suitable for a variety of species including Soon Hock, Giant Grouper and possibly Blue Fin Tuna and many others as the market dictates.


A wide range of species are now possible and research is on going.



The 4 bay combination tanks in Malaysia, 110 metres long and near completion



Bio pools are still to be added. We aim eventually to include a full range of vegetable and fruit crops via an integrated Aquaponic system.


More pictures to follow . . . .