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Units are now being built all over the world

From Singapore to Ireland, a variety of species will now be farmed using our new technology.





Many new country licenses on the verge of being issued by Steve Marriot......

................. the competition ferocious but Steve and Diobas stand by our ethics.


Updated September  2017.






We made a decision, right at the very start of our research program many years ago, to ensure that this technology was made available to everyone. What we did not foresee however was the various tricks that some of the major companies would get up to in order to prevent this new technology getting into the market place. With so much investment having gone into out-dated technology and sea based farms producing poor quality fish it is not surprising that our system poses a real threat to their income. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why our own government and the various agencies that are supposed to protect the environment have until recently stuck their heads in the seaweed in the hope that we would just go way. Having realised that we are not going anywhere they are now, at last, beginning to wake up albeit reluctantly.


Another problem we didn't see coming was the interest shown by speculators anxious to grab a license simply as an investment with the obvious aim of re-selling what could become a valuable asset as our systems become established.

So, with the above in mind we have come up with a licensing policy that should ensure that both our interests and our prospective clients are protected whilst ensuring that this remarkable technology gets out into the market place. Make no mistake, it has been very tempting to take one of the ' buy-out ' options that have been offered but retiring to a beach in the Virgin Isles is not what this program is about and has no appeal to either the Directors or myself. Long term sustainability and the future of the oceans is our primary concern, not profit alone.

Don't misunderstand our approach, I for one do not spend my Sundays hugging trees and everyone needs a healthy profit but there is no reason why genuine concern for both the planet and everyone that lives on it cannot be combined with a good return on investment. Lets face it, good intentions will only work if there is money at the end of it. It's an unfortunate but none the less accurate part of the human character. Overall we just are not a very pleasant species but the environment can still benefit despite our endemic need for profit as long as the route we take satisfies both requirements.


Follow the link below to see the licensing details and contact us for further information if you feel you can work with us. Already since the coverage we received across the net a few weeks ago we have had enquiries from all over the world and a number of sole licenses have been issued, the latest being Singapore so may we suggest that you contact us first in case the area of interest to you has already been allocated. 


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