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Filming and production by Second Mouse Media.

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Cod Project

Units are now being built all over the world

From Singapore to Ireland, a variety of species will now be farmed using our new technology.





Updated September  2017.

 Stunning Breakthrough in Lure Technology



At last after many years research via our Protex Neural Trigger program we can finally announce the long awaited launch of our amazing new lure technology



With it's own Trade mark and Patent Applied For No 0907562.3 registered to Diobas Ltd we now can reveal how this revolutionary breakthrough will soon make all other lures obsolete.




The science of Neural Triggers and the manipulation of innate responses has been pioneered by Diobas and initially formed part of our Freshwater Cod Program. The identification of the numerous Neural Triggers that induce a fish to feed, whatever the conditions, has been a long and painstaking task that has taken almost 16 years with over £1m invested in research and development. This new science is incredibly complex and predator triggers have proved to be far more elusive than we first anticipated. Not to be confused with the somewhat pointless attempts at flavourings, attractants, pheromones etc our remarkable technology relies on an entirely different principle, the electronics for which can be placed inside most existing lures already on the market . . . but to be frank the shape, colour and projection through the water makes little difference as in trials we have even had a small plastic case, the size of a matchbox, ferociously attacked by both Pike and Bass even though there was no physical resemblance to either a prey-fish or existing lure.


 Lure manufacturers take note :

The products you now produce are all but extinct once our new technology is freely available.

Ciren is here 

and there is no going back.


Will we be producing the lures ourselves ? Perhaps.

We would rather work in conjunction with an existing manufacturer who already has the infrastructure and manufacturing capability but if necessary we'll go into production ourselves. But either way this stunning new science will change what fishermen will use in the future and is a giant step forward in a sport that has stood still for too long. There are a myriad of lure designs, colours, shapes and even ones that rattle available on the market, most alas are designed to catch fishermen not fish. Ciren will change all of the madness.



 Conventional lure fishing is finished.

It is time to move on.



LATEST UPDATE . . . . . .


Our angling team and film crew ( Second Mouse Media ) returned from Texas earlier today, June 3rd, after a two week research trip during which the Ciren lure produced some remarkable results. We are now convinced that, given time, we can produce species specific lures across a wide range of predators. We'll keep you all informed as things progress.












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